WCWD Artist Booking Portal

Introducing Artist Booking Portals

Our Artist Booking Portal streamlines the communication between artists and organizers, making it easier for artists to share the necessary info with the organizers who hire them.

From your bios, promo photos/videos, traveler info, preferred airports, accommodation preferences, diet, payment info & more!

No more phone/email tag multiple times over for each piece of information. You can setup your FREE portal and start streamlining your booking process TODAY!

  • Centralized Info: Have all of your most up to date booking information in one place and avoid repetitive sending of the same info to multiple organizers.

  • Decrease Miscommunication: Ensure more of a peace of mind knowing that the organizers have all the info needed to promote you, create flyers, book your travel, and setup your accommodations to your needs.

  • Simplified Process: Enjoy streamlined booking tools designed for both artists and organizers.
  • Once you have created a free user account and have an artist profile you will be able to enable the artist booking portal by editing the artist and creating a portal password.
  • Once the portal is enabled and you've created your password you can update your portal with all of your booking information.

  • Once your booking info is ready, you can share your portal link with event organizers providing them with the portal password you created, allowing the organizers to have all of your booking info in one freaking place!

  • The current artist booking portal areas are short bio, long bio, promo photos, promo videos, traveler info, preferred airports, rooming preferences, foods disliked/allergic to, foods loved, artist rates, & payment methods!

  • WCWD Artist Menu
  • Through editing your artist profile, you can also change your portal password at any time as needed.
  1. Sign Up or Log In

    Create a FREE user account on WhereCanWeDance or log in to your existing account to get started.

  2. Access the Edit Artist Page

    If you already have an artist profile on WCWD (if not you can create a free one here), you can access your edit artist page to manage your artist profile and find the artist booking portal section by clicking on the 3 dot menu icon.

    WCWD Artist Menu WCWD Artist Edit Artist
  3. Enable the Booking Portal

    Look for the toggle switch at the top of the edit artist page, and click it to start to enable your booking portal.

    WCWD Artist Activate Portal Image
  4. Create Your Booking Portal Password

    Create your portal password. You will provide the organizers that hire you with the link to your booking portal and your portal password.

    WCWD Artist Create Portal Password WCWD Artist Portal Password
  5. Log Into Your Portal

    Use the portal password you just created to log into your artist booking portal.

    WCWD Artist Portal Login
  6. Update Your Booking Info

    Click on the edit booking portal button and fill out all the sections with your information and preferences.

    WCWD Artist Edit Artist Portal WCWD Artist Artist Portal Info Fields
  7. Use Your Portal For Current & Future Bookings!

    Once you've set up your portal and are happy with the information, you can direct the organizers booking you to this page to access your portal and enjoy a life of less booking hassles so you can focus on bringing your art to the world!

    You can change the password at any time in your edit artist view and clicking on the change portal password button.

    WCWD Artist Change Portal Password

    You are also able access your booking portal through your user profile and also your artist page.

    WCWD Artist Portal User Password WCWD Artist Artist Show Portal