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Yoga Dance Alchemy Nourish & Recharge Retreat with Deb Rubin 2023



Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Crete, unknown
Greece - Europe

Location: Crete, Greece

Through world-class fusion belly dance technique, soulful artistry development, and Deb’s Signature Dance Therapeutics spiral unwinding methods to unlock your full freedom body and movement mastery, dancers will experience a blissful, transformative week that deeply nourishes you: body, mind and soul!  

Refill your cup, inspire your dance life, and become the dancer you’ve always dreamed to be, while relaxing and re-connecting to your global dance family in person!

Indulge in the full immersive “Embodied Artistry Lifestyle” which focuses on health, dance, yoga, nature and togetherness.  Learn Deb’s signature methods to unwind the tension from your body, create and build your belly dance from the inside out, and elevate your artistry as you explore your unique voice and creative expression!  

A full spectrum of dance techniques and tips for fluidity and control will be complemented with plenty of personalized feedback and thoughtful adjustments. 

Hands on assists from Deb during your Therapeutics & Yoga sessions will allow your body to release tension and unlock more flexibility, fluidity and freedom, as you awaken new layers of awareness and intelligence in your body.  Through this study you will gain valuable tools to take home that guide your own self healing and release of unhealthy holding patterns.

Let yourself get filled up by inspiration, artistry, health, vibrancy, and creativity, so that you can step into becoming the dancer and artist you truly crave to be.  And step back into your life feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and deeply nourished!

Students of all levels welcome…


  • Daily Yoga & Deb’s Signature Dance Therapeutics methods of spiral unwinding and fascia flows to unlock your full body freedom and feel amazing, flexible, and strong in your body, to prepare for dance.
  • Fusion Belly Dance technique, drills, combos, pathways, and Deb’s Signature stylization to unlock deeper serpentine slink, fluidity, precision, & mastery in your movements
  • Artistry Development to ignite your soul and express yourself through dance. 
  • Intro to Deb’s signature ‘Embodied Artistry” path of Leadership, Holistic Lifestyle, & Embodied Performance
  • Development, to help you unlock your own unique voice, free your creative genius, increase your confidence, and create your life as an extension of your art. 
  • Creative work and creating dances together. 
  • Mind and body renewal practices, and nervous system re-sets.
  • Restorative time in Nature—with some of our workshops on the beach!

For questions regarding accommodations at Villa Shakti Crete, please contact: shaktischoolofdance@gmail.com


Please read our updated Terms & Conditions Page before you register, which includes: *School Cancellation Policy, *School & Villa Shakti Policies, *Health & Safety in Covid Times, and *Assumption of Risk. 


Deb Rubin

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