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Viva Lambada Retreat 2023






Wed, May 31 at 12:00 AM to
Mon, Jun 05 at 12:00 AM
Location Dot
Ariel, Washington
🇺🇸 United States - North America

🌲 We are super excited to announce that the Lambada Viva retreat & intensive with Leo and Ana will return, MAY 30-JUNE 5 2023!! ⛰️
The purpose of this retreat is to help experienced Zoukers add Lambada to their dance. If you’ve wanted to learn Lambada but found it difficult in the past (or if you’re planning a trip to Brazil and want to prepare for it), this is for you!
🌲 12 hours of instruction for each group
🌲 Practicas/socials every night
🌲 Catered meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
🌲 Lodging for the full 6 days
There will be 2 tracks this time around. Please read through the following descriptions of the tracks to decide which is best for you.
👉 BELEM DO PARA (Where It Starts)
Designed for experienced zouk dancers, the Belem do Para Track is an intensive, advanced training program that will move through fundamental moves of Lambada at a fast pace. The curriculum will be modeled off of last year’s advanced training program.
To get the most out of this course, it is recommended that you have a minimum of THREE years of zouk experience and are comfortable leading or following advanced Zouk sequences. This track will teach at an accelerated pace, and is designed for experienced zouk dancers.
👉 PORTO SEGURO (Where It Develops)
This training program is intended as a "part two" for people who have already completed the advanced training program in last year’s retreat, or who have equivalent Lambada proficiency. If you did not complete last year’s advanced course, approval from Léo and Ana is REQUIRED. We will continue where we left off, focusing on adding more complicated sequences to our repertoire.
👉 In BOTH tracks, you will be paired with one person and will work with the same partner throughout the course (no partner rotation). You can register with someone or register alone and have a partner assigned to you later.
Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, June 5
Check in: 5pm on May 30
Check out: 12pm on June 5
Anderson Lodge — Main Lodge
12025 Lewis River Rd
Ariel, WA 98603
👉 Early Bird (until December 31): $950 paid in full, or 1 deposit of $150 (due immediately, to reserve your spot) + 2 payment of $450 (due Jan 1 & March 1)
👉 General (January 1 and after): $1100 paid in full, or 3 payments of $400 (due immediately to reserve your spot, Jan 1, & March 1)
Please send payments to @annaonstharg on Venmo. If you prefer an alternate method of payment, please DM me — PayPal or Wise also works!
***All payments are non-refundable
***Ticket transfers are free
There will be 6 hours total (3 per track) of training every day, as well as stealing training and practicas. There will be no classes on Tuesday to accommodate check-in, and no classes Sunday to allow for a closing ceremony and group activities before we leave.
Please note that while the cabin comes equipped with WiFi, the class schedule is not structured to accommodate a 9-5pm work day. It IS possible to do work at the retreat, but it is NOT possible to be consistently online all day while also attending classes. Please plan accordingly


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