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UADC Bachata Workshop



Friday, Nov 18, 2022
07:00 PM - 09:30 PM
Location Dot
Edmonton, Alberta
🇨🇦 Canada - North America

It's already almost time for our second workshop, this time featuring the second of the Latin dance pair taking Edmonton by storm, Bachata! Salsa and Bachata are often abbreviated SB and are the two core dances in Latin socials that happen in Edmonton on a weekly basis.
Normally we would invite our special guest instructor again, but Chad is unfortunately unavailable to teach for us this time. Instead, we'll have two people who have trained with Chad for a number of years, Kevin and Irina! You may know Kevin as DJ guy playing the music in your class, or as the guy who does some TA-ing on both nights of classes, or as the guy who is running around putting up posters all the time. Irina is a little less visible - you may have seen her in our Level 3 class, or if you dabble in dance styles outside of UADC, you may have seen her promoting and attending non-ballroom dance events in the community.
Come join us in the Cascade Room for a beginner-friendly workshop in this dance that originated from the Dominican Republic!
For simplicity, pricing is the same as the Salsa workshop - $10 members, $15 Enthusiasts, $25 non-member/Enthusiast drop-in.
Memberships are available to U of A undergrad students for $10 or to U of A grad students for $20. Enthusiast passes are available to non-students for $50. Both are valid until August 31, 2023.
This event is being organized by the University of Alberta Dance Club (UADC).

Instructor DJ

Irina Feldesh | YEG Dancer

Instructor DJ

Kevin Trieu