Revival Fusion

This event has ended.

   Sat, Dec 03, 2022, 12:00 AM  - Sat, Dec 03, 2022, 12:00 AM UTC

   Seattle - Washington - United States - North America

Event Details

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Tickets coming soon!!!
Come back for Round Two or come see what your friends have talked about!
This immersive fusion partner dance experience might feel a little nostalgic and a little bit new... Let yourself be mesmerized by the music while the DJs spin us a soundscape, melt into the mood, and dance away the darkness.
Scintillating your senses with:
~FOUR hours of dancing from 8pm-12am
~SEVEN talented DJs
~TWO rooms to dance in - so you can find your perfect groove
~Spaces to snuggle up or stretch out
~And perhaps a few surprises you might have to be in just the right place or moment to find?
We will be dancing at Studio Deep Roots in Greenwood
9728 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103-3054, United States
See our full written policy here:
This event is:
+ COVID Vaccination: REQUIRED
+ Rapid Test: REQUIRED
+ Masking: OPTIONAL (but welcomed)
We are choosing to have masking optional while supplementing with rapid testing. We believe that this will provide an environment that balances the latest covid science with dancer comfort.
We will not require the new Fall 2022 Bivalent Booster until our January dance and currently require that you have completed at least one full round of vaccination. See our full policy for details.
Check out our full policy here!
Our philosophy is to encourage people to stay home if you're sick. We will be happy to refund your ticket if any of the following are true:
+ You're feeling sick, unwell, or have any doubts that you're contagious (with anything).
+ You've been knowingly or likely exposed to COVID, or have been in a high-risk situation for COVID.
+ You actively have COVID, or any other contagious ailment.
Please contact us at least one hour before the event.
We believe in making our dance financially accessible, taking a "pay what you can" model. Our "General Admission" tickets are our break even cost. We have tickets available at a lower cost for those who need them.
~Volunteer Tickets~
We WILL be offering setup, registration, and tear down volunteer shifts! You can sign up when tickets open 🙂
To offset our Accessibly Priced tickets we have Benevolent Sponsor tickets, which directly go to enabling more of our community to attend our dances.
//Meet the Team//
Alyssa Manning
Ben Douglas
Chelsey Lew
David Cohen
Eliza Wilder
Kelly Mack
Matt Johnson
Tenae Lew

Coming soon!