Maïlys 3 hours Lambada into Zouk

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   Sunday, April 16, 2023, 12:00 AM  - Sun, Apr 16, 2023, 12:00 AM UTC

   Ottawa - Ontario - Canada - North America

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Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Maïlys Arbaoui Westphal is coming to Ottawa for a 3-hour Lambada into Zouk bootcamp with Kyle - the whole event including 3 hours workshop, 1.5 hours Studio Mini Day Social and 1 after party with instructors in the evening.
Sunday April 16, 2023
1574 Walkley Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1V 6P5
12:00PM – 1:30PM
First Class : Lambada
Details about timing
Understanding the similiarities between zouk and Lambada.
Working on some typical movements.
1:30PM – 2:00PM
30 minutes break and practice
2:00PM – 3:30PM
Second class : Lambada into zouk
Using the sequence worked in the previous class and understanding how to use it in Zouk.
3:30PM – 5:00PM:
Studio Mini Day Social
6:30PM to late:
AfterParty - Potluck dinner and dance party with instructors.
Staring at 6:30PM at Chih’s apartment.
Due to the capacity of Chih’s place, After party only for pass holders. Sorry for the inconvenience.
E-transfer by the end of the day April 12: $75
Regular Price: $85
Please register below
and e-transfer to:
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Maïlys is an artist being deeply passionate by dance, singing and music. From her childhood onwards she has been dedicating to dance (starting with Rythmique Gymnastic) and classical music (Piano-Flute).
She decided to go further as a professionnal dancer and singer after high-school graduation, In 2013 she graduated from the Musical Theater School : Choreia Art Studio, Paris. She kept strenghning her skills by following an intensive Acting class, an Opera singing conservatory and a Dance school (jazz-ballet) in Paris.
In 2014 she discovered Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira in Paris, and instantly felt in love with brazilian dances. The spirit, the community, the technic, the aesthetics, the connexion, the field of freedom and creativity that those dances embodies, was all she was looking for in Dance. Allowing to share and create with a partner, but also to give a pattern to improve the body expression.
She studied 4 years with Alex de carvalho in Paris, was being part of DBAC, Alex de Carvalho’s French team.
In 2018 Maïlys moved to New-York city for an 8 months intensive Dance program at Broadway dance center, concentration in Jazz, but also learning ballet and contemporary. Beside school, she connected, learned and dance with Ry’el and Jessica, being part of their team and performing by their side in Atlantic city.
From 2018 until now she learned from Gilson Damasco, master and reference in Lambada/Brazilian Zouk. This way she could connect with the history of this dance, the rythm. The roots, the joy.
From opera singing, to lambada, musical theater to classical music her everyday life is a mix of different arts !
She has being traveling, discovering dance in many places Brasil-USA-Holland-Spain-Chech Republic, Mexico, Croatia, Israël …), enriching her soul and her dance learning from teacher and getting inspired by dancers from all over the world.
Since december 2021, Maïlys has been invited by Gilson Damasco to teach Brazilian Zouk/Lambada with him. Travelling more and more, in different countries and and cities for events, weekender, festivals, immersion, in Europe but also in North/South America.
The entrance of Dance2.Live is at the back of the building.
Snacks and Drinks will be served during the Bootcamp


Kyle and Meg


Mailys Arbaoui Westphal