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January Day Social & Practicá - Urban Kiz, Tarraxo, Hip-Hop, and RnB

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Saturday, Jan 21, 2023
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Location Dot
Oakland, California
🇺🇸 United States - North America

One of the most unique things about The Bay is the culture. We, at The Kiz Lab, want to blend Urban Kiz and Tarraxo with the essence of HipHop and RnB. You can come and just vibe with dope music and people, freestyle what feels good to you, or you can come learn how to dance Urban Kiz.
No partner or experience required!
Invite your friends! 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏿
We are excited to announce that The Kiz Lab TAXI TEAM will be available for all your dancing needs to ensure you have a wonderful experience on the dance floor.
What is a taxi dancer? Taxi dancers are experienced dancers who are hand picked to dance with everyone at an event to ensure attendees have an unforgettable time. Ask them to dance!
This event is unique because it is a 👑social-practicá hybrid👑
🔶A place where people can come and connect to each other. The purpose is to build community and have a good time vibing with each other.
🔶A place where you can practice dance techniques you have learned in your Urban Kiz journey.
Third Eye Soul Kitchen
3043 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Oakland, CA 94609
FB Event: https://fb.me/e/2o0gfzuuD
Website: www.thekizlab.com/events
Eventbrite: https://tinyurl.com/338ef298
✨Jessica Marie✨
from the Bay Area
Jessica Marie (she/her) started her dance journey in June 2017 in Texas. She specializes in Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, and Urban Kiz. Additionally, she can teach and dance as a lead or a follow. She has taught as an instructor in multiple cities and states around the U.S. Jessica Marie is known for her attention to detail, her ability to break down complex material, and provide individualized feedback even when leading group classes. Her dance students also appreciate her approaches around inclusivity, mindset around consent, and her promoting of safe dance spaces.
Jessica Marie is the owner and creative director of The Kiz Lab LLC. A Black-Owned and minority led Urban Kiz dance organization located in the Bay Area, CA where they host classes, workshops, and events.
🔶This event occurs monthly🔶
To learn more information about the other Day Socials & Practicás click here: www.thekizlab.com/events
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🚨COVID policy:
*Please DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell or have recently been sick.
*We recommend that you rapid test on Friday if you are attending
*We recommend wearing a mask (N95, surgical or double cloth)
*You are attending this event at your own risk and acknowledge that Covid can be spread between dancers even if you are vaccinated and wearing a mask
*Take care of each other and be safe!


Jessica Marie