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Improving Communication in Zouk. Leading and listening with Aline & Rafa 2023






Sat, Jan 28 at 12:00 AM to
Sun, Jan 29 at 12:00 AM
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London, England
🇬🇧 United Kingdom - Europe

Workshops with Aline and Rafa 28-29 January 2023
“Improving Communication in Zouk: Leading and Listening”
You know that dance that makes time stop? A dance that you feel being cared for with attention and respect? When you feel you have space to talk through the body language, when both can listen to each other and from that build a deep connection in dance? If that resonates with you we invite you to explore this with us.
During these 2 days’ workshop we will focus on listening, respect, connection and deep sensations that dance is able to offer. We want to invite you to experience a new methodology that is a Sadhana Dance created by Aline Cleto and Rafael Soares from Brazil. It is a mix of therapies, yoga and social dances.
Sadhana means "path", we believe that dances for two are a good way to develop self-knowledge, connection and bond in relationships, empathy and kindness and we’ll work these things all through dance.
We are going to use the Zouk as a tool to dive into a deeper dance with a safe and respectful environment, one that we feel as if we were meditating. Have you ever experienced this level of dance before? So come dive with us!
For whom is this workshop?
In the Sadhana methodology we do not prioritise the previous technical level, so if you don't know how to dance or if you have already taken several classes, you will have the same potential for development through creativity and body expression that each one brings in the history of their own body.
It’s for all levels, everybody that likes arts, dance expressions, therapies and get to know each other better!
What are we gonna to work on?
Sadhana Dance (SD) is a technique that consists in listening, expressing and recognizing our and our partner’s limits in dance.
It combines below elements:
-Techniques of absence and presence
-Internal and micro lead
-Close embrace and touch ways
-Characteristics of zouk body connected to creative movements
-Connection of two
-Concept of the 5 elements applied to zouk
-Yin Yang polarity applied to zouk
-Group dynamics
-Active meditations
-Affection therapy
Plan of Workshops:
Friday - we are joining Rio Zouk Fusion Party
Saturday (28/01) - 3h workshop and party at UKDC ( everyone joining our workshops will get 25% discount on the party or 15% on class before party +party)
Sunday (29/01) - 2h workshop + 2h practice - dinner together afterwards
5h of workshops with Brazilian teachers, 2h of practice and a 25% discount for UKDC Saturday Party 🙂
Full Pass:
Early bird - November - £80
Batch 2 - December - £90
Batch 3 - January - £110
1 Day Pass:
Early bird - November - £50
Batch 2 - December - £60
Batch 3 - January - £70
*Couples registration - 5% off 🙂
*TED members - 10% off 🙂
Plan of Workshop:
Friday - we are joining Rio Zouk Fusion Party so you will have a chance to meet Aline and Rafa and have your first dances with them
Saturday - 12.30 -15.30 - 3h of workshops after we are all joining UKDC party in the evening
Sunday - 14.30 -18.30 - 2h of workshops + 2h of practice. Afterwards we all are going to have dinner together.
Saturday: More Yoga Studio, 21 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 2SA
Sunday: Academy Mews Dance Studios
15 Pratt Mews, London NW1 0AD, Lounge Studio
Registration: info@theempowereddancers.com
Who are our teachers:
Aline about herself..
After going through many phases in my career, with changes in partners and dance styles, I realized that I had done everything I’ve ever wanted. I was traveling a lot to different cities inside and outside Brazil, taking the dance that has always been my passion and that I have dedicated my whole life…, but still I was not happy.
Traveling so much, I couldn't see results in my classes because I couldn't see the students' evolution in the long term. It was an empty teaching. I felt sad for not being able to bond with people either, I wanted to drop everything and start from scratch.
I started looking for ways to practice and teach dance in a more inclusive way, with less demands for perfect technique, teaching that focused more on sensations.
So I started looking for other techniques that would turn my gaze towards self-knowledge and that's when I fell in love with yoga, which I specialized in and found an incredible world about spirituality, meditation, breathing and mantras that I've been joining with the practices of social dances. That's when I met Rafael again.
Rafael about himself..
I always felt very good teaching social dancing classes, but I felt a certain discomfort at dances, especially when there was a lot of competition between couples, the dance that should be a place of connection and fun, was becoming an uncomfortable place for me. These competitions that existed at the balls frustrated me deeply, which began to push me further and further away from balls and social dancing parties. After many years and back and forth with social dancing, I ended up taking a class with Xandy Liberato, a social dance professional who brought a different method, a method that approached a deeper and more connected dance. As I took that class, I realized a place where I felt good again. That's where my search for integrative therapies began, a way to achieve that kind of dance. I studied several therapy techniques and started to create my own methodology that mixed body therapies with teaching dances for two.
The Sadhana Dance
We met when we were both changing the direction of our careers. We saw that we could accomplish each other. We both saw a lot of sense in the idea of mixing social dances with integrative therapies.
A new stage in our lives began, we wanted to do something bigger in dance and for dance.
Over the course of a few months of the project, we saw that the self-knowledge worked through dance was very deep and transformative for the students, but also for us.
We started to learn more and more when teaching our classes and we were improving the Sadhana method of teaching. And does it not work?! We always hear feedback about our space emanating an energy of peace where students feel much lighter and nourished after the dances, not physical nourishment, but soul nourishment. An environment capable of being safe, respectful and welcoming, even without anyone knowing each other well.
We are finally able to provide our students with the place we were looking for throughout our lives.
Finally, what is the Sadhana Method?
It is the union of Yoga, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine and TAME, with social dances. That is, an integration capable of providing you with a dip in self-knowledge, in spirituality, relating to each other in all possible ways, physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually.
We can’t wait to have this amazing experience with you and to bring our methodology for the first time to Europe
We are waiting for you!