Empower the Follower 2023

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April 28, 2023 -

  April 30, 2023

Oakland - California - United States - North America

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Brazilian Zouk Lambada Weekender Annual

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Location: 4834 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA, USA

The Omni Movement invites Brazilian Zouk followers from across the country and around the world to our second edition of Empowering the Follower right here in Oakland, California!
This year, Empowering the Follower will host up to 35 dancers for a weekend of follower-focused intensive training, including:
✅ 4 Top International Brazilian Zouk Artists, each with their own unique style of dance & instruction
✅ 16 hours of intensive instruction in 1 weekend including solo AND partner workshops
✅ Small participant cohorts to ensure maximum individual attention and a strong sense of team-building & community
✅ A stellar group of volunteer Leaders to assist during partner workshops
✅ Dedicated time to mingle and get to know other followers and the artists
✅ 2 workshop tracks (each with 16 hours of training) to allow for more participants while preserving the cohorted nature of the original concept.
✅ Discussion-based workshops focused on building a strong mindset as dancers, in addition to our intensive training regimen
✅ Open Rec time during breaks to allow for the option of practicing solo, with a partner, or groups before and after workshops
⭐️ Devon Near-Hill (Denver, CO, USA)
⭐️ Elena Rovito (Washington D.C., USA)
⭐️ Jade Rodrigues (London, England)
⭐️ Paloma Alves (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
We ask for a $300 investment to cover the cost of 16 hours of training with some of the best Brazilian Zouk instructors in the world, studio time for the full weekend, and a catered kick-off dinner.
The Omni Movement believes that financial status should not be a barrier to high-quality social dance instruction and community.
As such, Omni promises to discount up to 25% of every event's capacity for community members who need it. The current discount is 50%. Omni Promise is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Given the space limitations of this event, this means we will accept no more than 9 Omni Promise participants.
Payment plans are also available.
To learn all of the details about the schedule, workshop content, and our new 2-track system, visit our FAQ: https://bit.ly/omni-faq
We are looking for volunteer leaders to assist during partnerwork! Visit the FAQ above to learn more about the role of volunteer leaders and register below.
Ready to register? Start here >> https://forms.gle/Kk9R9Y4oNYjTHTwV9

Booked Artists: 4


Devon Near-Hill

Instructor DJ

Elena Rovito

Instructor DJ

Paloma Alves


Jade Rodrigues