Elaborate Exploration, Advanced Argentine Tango 4 Weeks May 2023

This event has ended.

   Sunday, May 07, 2023, 12:00 AM  - Sun, May 28, 2023, 12:00 AM UTC

   Malden - Massachusetts - United States - North America

Event Details

Location: Ultimate Tango School of Dance, Washington Street, Malden, MA, USA

A challenge
We can be happy once we speak conversational Tango, or we can yearn for more. If Tango is like language - there surely there must be more! And it is!
Tango never stops. And that’s the beauty of it. There is always more. And as we become more and more comfortable with the fundamentals, navigation, musicality, new element, and different styles, we look for more.
The advanced course challenges you to a more elaborate exploration of more advanced tango elements. Each 4 weeks cycle is focused on introducing new intricate variations, investigating new possibilities, and mastering combinations involving elements originally introduced to you during the pre-Advanced courses.
PLEASE NOTE: The Advanced level freely mixes all elements taught in the Pre-Advanced level and adds more variations. Please be considerate - if you have difficulties with basic to the cross or molinete, call boleo a bolero, and gancho a gaucho - PLEASE do not register for this class.
Once you are at this level, you won’t appreciate people randomly showing up and defying the whole purpose of this class. THANK YOU!