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Bruno & Raiza Improvement Course 3rd Edition - Calgary






Mon, Feb 06 at 12:00 AM to
Mon, Feb 20 at 12:00 AM
Location Dot
Calgary, Alberta
🇨🇦 Canada - North America

Level 1: Feb. 6-10 (Mon-Fri)
Level 2: Feb 13-17 (Mon-Fri)
YYC Marathon: Feb 17-19 (Fri-Sun)
Level 3: Feb 22-26 (Wed- Sun)
LOCATION: Dance Life Calgary
2312 4th SW Suite 3-
Basement Suite --> Under Mucho Burrito
⚠️: All courses happen at 3pm-10pm MST with Dinner Break to help accommodate those who work remotely.
⚠️ Level 3 is almost sold out!!! (2 more follow spots left only)
Course Description in their own words! https://youtu.be/J8WcrRVMwPM
Bruno & Raiza will be back again in Calgary for the 3rd round of improvement course series!
Level 1&2 in 2022 was another HUGE success and all the students finished the course having an in-depth understanding of Braiza's methodology of fundamentals in the smallest lego blocks.
Everyone were able to experience and left with tools to make simple sounds and words in the language of Brazilian Zouk that we speak and sing.
Participants from this course's testimonials will be released soon for you to read about each individual's improvement and experiences. Come join us for the third edition of the courses in February 2023

Level 1 is required in order to take level 2. (and 2 for 3) However, if you are ambitious, you are allowed to 2 courses in a row.
--------------info below--------------------------------

30 hours in 5 days and 30 people only!!
Some of you know already that Bruno and Raiza released their new Improvement courses! It consists of level 1,2,3 and teachers course.
Level 1 course's debut was in Stockholm in Oct.2019. (and now held 2 editions in Calgary in 2020 and 2022)
After attending this life-changing course, I really wanted to share the knowledge with my fellow North American friends. Come join me to work with Bruno and Raiza to learn their methodology and understand their dance fundamentals that apply so flawlessly to Zouk.
We will have 25 hours of class AND 5 hours of practice time with Bruno and Raiza supervision over FIVE DAYS. Come prepared to LEARN. This course will give you a lot of information to process. It's a course where you are truly learning and exploring and improving your dance with fellow dancers for 30 hours straight.
Info to note:
1. Class time: 3pm - 10pm including Dinner and small breaks.
Registration info:

This class will be limited to only 15 pairs. (15 follow and 15 lead).

*Level 1 requires 2 years of Zouk dance experience.
(message me if you do not have 2 years but strongly feel that you can demonstrate your fundamentals.)

First comes first serve. Please message Jane to venmo or e-transfer your deposit to reserve your spot. (Can be transferred if you can find someone else to replace you)
E-Transfer option for Canadians

Unfortunately this will not be including your accommodation or food cost. However, the studio will be in central area with many options. We can also help organize group air bnbs together 🙂 !
Courses are transferable but non-refundable. (Please understand that there may be some chance to need to postpone by COVID related reasons.)

Instructor DJ

Bruno Galhardo