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Brazilian Zouk Tuesdays At Solas






Tue, Feb 21 at 12:00 AM to
Tue, Apr 25 at 12:00 AM
Location Dot
New York, New York
🇺🇸 United States - North America

Brazilian Zouk social dancing now starts at 8 pm and we are dancing until 12 am. Admission is $10 CASH ONLY at the door for our event and we are also excited to have everyone back at Solas again with a 100% open party WITHOUT vaccination restrictions.
Party with DJ Power and DJ Viscious 8 pm - 12 am $10 CASH ONLY
Before partner dancing, it is important that you assess your risk to yourself and others. As suggested by professionals and the CDC, if you are immunocompromised or living/interacting with unvaccinated individuals as well as those who are elderly and immunocompromised despite vaccination status it is best to limit interactions OR quarantine before seeing them. This reminder and check-in is helpful to ensure you and your family and friends are safe and well. Organizers can not guarantee that you will not get infected, so assessing your risk is one way to ensure your wellness.
• Testing for special cases: If you attended a mixed gathering (unvaxed/vaxed) within 14 days prior to you attending a NYC event or traveling from a community with high transmission as defined by the CDC https://www.usatoday.com/.../cdc-mask.../5400268001/ and have been socializing or mingling in a dense population, it is highly recommended that you get a COVID test 48 hours before attendance of any NYC dance events. This will help us contain the spread. It is also advisable to test as much as you can on a weekly basis if you are dancing in mixed crowds.
• Sanitize your hands! If you can help, please bring some hand sanitization and share the love!
• Should you begin to experience any symptoms at all, please go home ASAP. I.e. runny nose, sore throat, etc., please do not stay.
• Adjust your mask properly during the event. Mask over nose and mouth. Please note, organizers do not have staff to help with mask compliance, so please help us and kindly check in with yourself and others on proper maskage! Double Mask for extra precaution.
• Take the breaks and go outside. We encourage dancers to take breaks often and get fresh air outside of the dance area if you start to experience discomfort with your masks. It's very important to keep your masks on while dancing with partners to contain the spread.
• TEST FREQUENTLY? Based on this new strain of COVID-19, it is best that you test frequently at least once a week if you are engaging in any high-risk recreational activities such as dancing or traveling to high transmission or substantial transmission counties. It is very important to test as much as you can to keep everyone safe and it is another precaution. Testing centers are found below.

• FEELING SICK?  If you feel sick or show signs of symptoms, please get tested at any of the following test centers:

TESTED POSITIVE? If you received a positive COVID test, isolate for at least 5 days. Before continuing to dance, ensure symptoms have resolved and PCR test 48 hours before the class or event after your isolation period. If you feel you were exposed at an event or feel you have been exposed and went dancing, please complete the COVID reporting anonymous form that will be sent out to those that have attended any NYC Zouk event/class. You can also notify the organizer(s) individually if you were infected so that we can help contain the spread and notify possible infected attendees.

Let’s nurture an environment to create space in our community for this type of communication! Having COVID is no one’s fault. We are also here for you if you have tested positive.

• TESTED NEGATIVE? Isolate until symptoms resolve after 24 hours.

• NOTIFIED OF EXPOSURE? If you received an email from an organizer and were notified that someone tested positive at the event/class you attended:
1. self-monitor for symptoms for 5 days after your exposure
2. if fully vaccinated and do not have symptoms – monitor within 5-7 days of exposure, no partner dancing until you are tested on the recommended days below and proceed as follows:
- PCR test at day 5 and 7 of your exposure.
- If tested negative, return to dance on day 8. You will need to show that you have tested negative on day 7 before you entered a NYC Zouk Event.
- If tested positive, do not return to dance, continue testing until you receive a negative test result before returning.
- Continue self-monitoring between 8-14 days and test regularly
especially 48 hours before next event/class.
*Note: After 14-day monitoring period, follow our recommendation on frequency of testing.
3. if fully vaccinated and symptomatic – monitor within 14 days of
exposure, self-isolate, no partner dancing until you test on the day
below and proceed as follows:
- PCR test ASAP! Continue testing day 7 of your exposure or
anytime you have a symptom.
- If tested negative, (repeat step 2) return to dance day 8 as long
as symptoms have resolved 24 hours before dancing
- If tested positive, do not return to dance isolate for 10 days
from symptom/exposure onset and return to dance day 11 if
negative and symptoms have resolved 24 hours before dancing.
Continue testing until you receive a negative test result before
- Continue self-monitoring between 8-14 days and test regularly
especially 48 hours before next event/class.
- *Note: After 14-day monitoring period, follow our
recommendation on frequency of testing.
AMONGST THE NYC ZOUK scene, organizers will commence to
determine a 14-day quarantine or try to move activities outdoors if
** References and suggestions were consulted and discussed by
physicians especially those in the dance scene who have done
research on incubation, testing, and delta impact.

• SEEING UNVACCINATED OR IMMUNOCOMPROMISED FAMILY? – Please continue to test frequently especially if you are seeing family after dancing events. If you are worried about infecting someone that is unvaccinated and have attended an event recently in NYC but uncertain if anyone is exposed, the best protocol would be to wait 14 days to see that individual. Plan ahead as to whom you will be seeing.
*** We will will be streaming the party live on www.iheartzoukradio.com so people may be able to share in the experience with us from near and far.
****Please be advised that we want everyone to be safe and we are having a 100% verified vaccinated event. We will be verifying vaccinations via the Excelsior pass (https://epass.ny.gov/home) or an image of your vaccination card (or the actual card) upon entry. Once you have checked in you may dance with a mask optional and enjoy your evening.
Outside food is allowed, but PLEASE BUY DRINKS even if it is soda or water. We need to show a reasonable bar tab to keep this place*

Solas is a 3-5 min walk from 8th St N and R train stop, Astor Place 6 train stop, and 3rd Ave L train stop


James Powell - DJ Power

Instructor DJ

DJ Viscious - Vinny de Souza