Archie Dos - DJ Archie


Artist Bio

Archie, an international singer, MC, songwriter, & DJ from Houston Texas. He has been creating music for over 16 years, and DJing even longer.

He was introduced to the art of DJing in the 6th grade, where he remembers specifically studying DJ Jazzy Jeff & Grand Master Flash before we were able to look music up on the internet.

He learned so much from them at the time it seemed like they were sitting with him specifically explaining things to him personally, learning DJing is more than just playing music, its about feeling music, about letting the music be in you and playing yourself for people, feeling the vibe of your audience and allowing yourself to be communicated and translated to the people through the music you play & how you chop, fade, scratch, or phase from song to song. 

Telling you the truth these cats are the OGs in this thing. When he first fell in love with the world of music its no surprise hip hop was one of his first loves, but a lot of people don’t know smooth jazz & soul were his first loves as well, which honestly is a huge reason why the music he creates is the way that it is.

Upcoming Events

MIZIZI: Juneteenth Dance Weekender

June 16, 2023 June 18, 2023

New Orleans - Louisiana - United States - North America

Past Events

Denver Zouk Marathon

April 14, 2023 April 17, 2023

Denver - Colorado - United States - North America