Derrick Wright

Instructor DJ

Artist Bio

Over the years Derrick has formed a style, flow, and musicality that is unique to him. He has trained closely with Pamelita and Audi, Shika Jay, Samy Vez and others. 
Derrick brings his smooth moves in every genre of dance including Brazilian zouk, urban kiz, kizomba, fusion, semba, tarraxo, and tarraxinha. 
This man doesn’t leave the dance floor except to take his 20 minute naps. Not only is Derrick a wonderful and well rounded dancer but he’s also an amazing instructor. With his background as a school teacher, he has a solid pedagogy and foundational understanding of how to reach students.

Upcoming Events

7th Annual Neo Kizomba Festival 2023

July 20, 2023 July 24, 2023

Austin - Texas - United States - North America

Past Events