Alex Morel


Artist Bio

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and raised in Paterson, NJ, Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor. He admits to always identifying with the music of all genres. In 2005, Alex began salsa lessons with a renowned instructor, choreographer, and director of Caribbean Soul Dance Co. Ismael Otero – also known as the “Million Moves Man”. 

With the help of both instructors and Ismael Otero and Shani Talmor, Alex was able to grow both musically and technically. Alex’s dancing soon evolved and he would take moves he learned and hone them to match his own style. Today, Alex is also known for his unique and creative touch of traditional yet stylish Bachata. 

His “Bachata Killer Moves DVD” has received excellent reviews and has now been sold in countries all over the globe. He has been teaching workshops and performing in countries such as Germany, Portugal, Israel, and Puerto Rico among others. Alex hopes to motivate and inspire the world through his passion for dance.

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