Adolpho Indacochea


Artist Bio

Adolfo Indacochea is a Peruvian Professional Dancer known for his heartfelt, energetic performances and charismatic demeanor both on and off the dance floor. He specializes in New York Style Mambo dancing.

 To date, he has had the opportunity to perform and teach people the art of dance across the globe, and many of his performances and classes are currently streaming on YouTube. Adolfo’s passion for Mambo began back in 2003, when he watched his mentor Eddie Torres (also known as “The Mambo King”) perform “Pa La Paloma” with his lovely wife Maria at the New York International Salsa Congress.

Witnessing such a passionate performance was a life-altering experience for him both emotionally and professionally, and served as the ultimate pivotal moment in his dancing career. Adolfo Indacochea’s lifelong mission is to spread the beauty of mambo worldwide and inspire the up-and-coming generations of mambo dancers.

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Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival 2023

April 06, 2023 June 10, 2023

Rosemont - Illinois - United States - North America

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